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This website provides information and connection for the fellowship of churches across Canada known as Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and Christian Churches in Canada. Although we go by different names and work in different parts of the country we have a common history and dream of a common future. This group of churches is sometimes known as the Restoration Movement or the Stone-Campbell Movement.

A brief explanation:

The Restoration Movement also known as the Stone-Campbell Movement began on the American frontier during the early 19th century. The leaders of this movement desired restoration and unification of the church. It developed simultaneously from several independent efforts to return to apostolic Christianity. Two groups were particularly important to the development of the movement. Barton W. Stone led a group of believers in Cane Ridge, Kentucky who called themselves simply "Christians." While another group in western Pennsylvania and what is now West Virginia was led by Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander Campbell. They used the name "Disciples of Christ." In 1832 they joined in fellowship with a handshake. Because the founders wanted to abandon all denominational labels they used biblical names for individual Christians and the churches they started. Both groups believed that principles for the contemporary church could be found in the New Testament. Scholars and historians debate the relative balance of restoration and unity in this movement. Today we seek to encourage New Testament principles while working together with all of like faith.

The history of this movement is important but it is our future together that gets us excited. This fellowship of churches cooperates together and with like minded churches to