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Bibby Response Document

1.  What are the strengths of the Restoration Movement which enable a positive response to the results of Bibby’s research? Unity Open to changing demographics We are Chriistians only but not the only Christians. We are open to others We are open to immigrant populations 1. We’re very, very sneaky 2. Relational 3. Affinity with [...]

Leadership Summit Jigsaw Document

JigSaw – Discussion of Chapters 1.  What ideals of the Restoration Movement are identified by the authors? -Jesus is head of the the church -the name Christian is “non-sectarian” -sola-scriptura -priesthood of all believers -right to private judgement; in essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity, in all things love -unity of all believers that the whole [...]

What’s Happening Across Canada?

What’s Happening Across Canada? “This is a time for a dramatically new vision. The current predicament of churches in North America requires more than a mere tinkering with long-assumed notions about the identity and mission of the church. Instead, as many knowledgeable observers have noted, there is a need for reinventing or rediscovering the church [...]