Western Canada Leadership Summit 2016

WC Leadership Summit 2016

Conversations that matter around the theological shifts required to enjoy God’s resources for leading God’s communities that seek to do God’s work in God’s ways for God’s reasons.
WITH DR. MARK LOVE, Dean, School of Theology and Ministry, Rochester College

PRESENTATIONS BY DR. KELLY CARTER, Minister, Calgary Church of Christ and
DR. STAN HELTON, President, Alberta Bible College on the Holy Spirit both then and
now in the Restoration Movement

PLUS VAL LIESKE on “Leaving Ruin” (a drama)

WORSHIP that draws us to God in awe-filled wonder, FELLOWSHIP that connects
us to each other for the encouragement we need, and CONVERSATIONS that will
change us!

REGISTRATION Limited to 70 registrants. Registration includes all meals.
$90 per person Early Bird by April 25 • $120 per person After April 25
Students $40 per person • Tuesday Only $75 per person
BONUS The first 20 registrants will receive a FREE copy of Jeff Berryman’s
Leaving Ruin, a wonderful novel of fulfilling one’s ministry vocation in the midst of
the natural wonders, the natural cruelties, and sometimes the unnatural grace of
congregational life.

Western Canadian Leadership Summit
Dr. Mark Love was in full-time church ministry for 17 years before moving into the world of academia. He consults with congregations across North America who are interested in cultivating a missional identity.

Register at https://www.wcleadership.ca/register or call Jean Myers at 403.282.2994